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  • Rumi Munich Original

    26.2. Munich – Rumi concert

    „On the Wings of Love“ –Rumi concert „I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darknessThe bird responded, ‚Love lifts me.” ~Hafiz~ Israeli storyteller and spoken word artist Ellaya Ayal Mor, arrives in Munich to offer a one-time […]

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  • Workshop CZECH Banner 728x90px

    PRAG: Ecstatic inner universe: medicine music workshop

    Immersed in sound and concious breathing, you feel and express your TRUE impulses, despite all the fears & beliefs that may show up. You allow yourself and the others true and free encounter. You let your body speak to you in free movements and learn to let your voice sound naturally and freely. Your inner and outer freedom and the deep feeling of „being home in your body“ will bring inner and outer abundance.

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...once I found a star in my pocket....