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  • Ecstatic Alchemy

    BUDAPEST: ecstatic dance #LIVE – 30.10.2021

    This evening is dedicated to your full expression.

    You are welcome to join this journey to meet yourself on a deep level, dive into the waves of sounds and rhythm, created for you fully intuitive out of the moment by these three outstanding intuitive musicians.

    In this save space you are hold with everything comes up. Allow yourself to dance like you never danced before, and express whatever need to be expressed, and enjoy all you are… fully.

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  • Singing01 AZ2021 Header

    BUDAPEST: ecstatic inner universe dayworkshop – 31.10.2021

    DANCE like you never danced — open your voice fully and SING like you never sang — EXPLORE your feelings, hidden emotions and patterns on a level you probably never met them before…. and let the medicine music guide you to meet and FLY with your soul.

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