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Erpe-Mere (BE): Ecstatic inner universe – intuitive medicine music

free your mind and explore your inner depth & beauty

diving into your inner universe and re-connect deeply with yourself

The heartopening intuitive music of the sound mystic Mitsch Kohn unfolds in the moment of playing and opens the gates to sacred spaces beyond mind.

During the session there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, no goal. Immersed in the healing sounds of free-flowing piano melodies and shamanic voice & drums you easily dive into the space where you´ll just „be“ and feel the whole spectrum of yourself fully… you encounter yourself deeply as far as you let it happen.

You feel and may express your TRUE impulses, despite all the fears & beliefs that may show up. Your body may speak to you in free movements and your voice might open to sound naturally and free. Your inner and outer freedom and the deep feeling of „being home in your body“ will bring inner and outer abundance.


please bring a blanket / pillow / yoga mat with you to allow yourself to lay down comfortly if necessary


registration and info

registration & tickets:
will be available soon

MERLYN, Daalstraat 2, 9420 Mere, Belgien
tel: +32 53 84 18 27

November 4th | 20:00-22:30
entrance from 19:30, please be in time before the workshop starts.

...once I found a star in my pocket....