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Budapest: Ecstatic inner dance: medicine music ceremony

free your mind & voice & movement and explore your inner depth & beauty

The intuitive music of the sound mystic Mitsch Kohn develops in the moment of playing and opens the door to levels of being beyond our mind.

Guided by the perceptive intuitive piano playing, free-flowing melodies and shamanic voice and drums in this „ecstatic inner dance“ – ceremony you will encounter yourself deeply…

Immersed in sound and concious breathing, you feel and express your TRUE impulses, despite all the fears & beliefs that may show up. You allow yourself and the others true and free encounter. You let your body speak to you in free movements and learn to let your voice sound naturally and freely. Your inner and outer freedom and the deep feeling of „being home in your body“ will bring inner and outer abundance.

  • getting aware of and learning to let go controlling and destructive patterns
  • release blockages in your body and voice expression
  • re-connect to your essence
  • embrace life (yourself) fully


please bring a blanket / pillow / yoga mat with you to allow yourself to lay down comfortly if necessary


registration and info

registration & info:
+36 30 4500441
-> limited tickets, please book early

7500 HUF
6000 HUF pre-order until end of Oktober
4500 HUF super early bird ticket until end of August

Studio Lightmotiv 1091 Budapest, Tompa utca 19

November 7th, 19:00-22:00
entrance from 18:30, please be in time before the workshop starts.

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