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new CD – LIVE in CORFU

…dive into Corfu vibes…

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LIVE in CORFU a journey composed of magical moments in the solo concerts at the local festivals (Sound & Silence, Ecstatic Dance, Agape Zoe) on the famous Gayatri Mandir… It is my personal homage to the island that has given me so much … and I am very happy to share these musical moments with you. And for the first time with this CD there is a CD-release „with voice“… :-

The beautiful Greek island of Corfu has been of great importance to me and my family for the last 3 years. Arillas on Corfu was a place for great transformation and growth, for me and many others who were there. It was and still is home to many festivals full of magical experiences where so much opened up and life revealed itself in all its glory. Much has been created there, such as the cooperation with Netanel Goldberg, an unforgettable concert with Estas Tonne & Manose & Pepe Danza … and now also this LIVE Solo-CD.

Mitsch Kohn – Live in Corfu

©2019 by soulfruit-connection
EAN: 4036067345842
Best.Nr: SFC025
distribution: SILENZIO

publishing: 30.03.2019


01: arriving to my place (1:21)
02: opening the gates (6:28)
03: exploring the infinite (4:44)
04: dancing the infinite (Mandir sunset) (5:22)
05: what is my truth? (8:29)
06: the earth and me (2:15)
07: God´s answer to my question (4:41)
08: here I am standing (6:24)
09: the beauty unfolds in me (5:22)
10: dancing the gratitude (7:15)
11: merge into myself (7:29)
12: I hold you in my heart (1:47)
total length: 62min

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