Ecstatic Alchemy

BUDAPEST: ecstatic dance #LIVE – 30.10.2021

with Mitsch Kohn, Réka Fodor, Akos Várnai

*** just allow the magic to happen ***

This evening is dedicated to your full expression.

You are welcome to join this journey to meet yourself on a deep level, dive into the waves of sounds and rhythm, created for you fully intuitive out of the moment by these three outstanding intuitive musicians.

In this save space you are hold with everything comes up. Allow yourself to dance like you never danced before, and express whatever need to be expressed, and enjoy all you are… fully.

Live is amazing.

Mitsch – ceremony, keyboards, vocals, drum
Reka – vocals, percussion
Ákos – drums, handpan, percussion


This is a place where you can leave your comfort zone !!!!

Enjoy your power, strength, courage, greatness, beauty, love… and the indescribable joy to meet your soul.

Take off the masks..

and enjoy the freedom to be fully



SATURDAY  30.10.2021
time: 19.00 – 22.00


Budapest, Hungary
new community center at Normafa,
address will be announced after regisration

Info & registration for the retreat:
facebook link

Dance Ceremony on Saturday is limited to 50 participants
Transformational workshop is limited to 20 participants
Please register in time at:
ADMISSIONS: (sliding scale, please select by your financial possibilities. further reduction possible upon request.)
// SATURDAY dance ceremony:
Pre-sale (before 29 october) 7.000-9.000 Ft
At door 10.000 Ft
// SUNDAY transformational workshop
Pre-sale (before 29 october) 17.000-20.000 Ft
At door 24.000 Ft
Pre-sale (before 29 october) 20.000-25.000 Ft
At door 27.000 Ft

If possible, please bring your own mat / blanket / seat cushion according to your needs, so that you are well taken care of.



Mitsch Kohn is a german sound myst, composer, and music producer. His very unique piano-and voice-based soundhealing-journeys unfold into an organic of-the-moment musical expression. His music guide into states of deep connection and can be experienced as an opening into a higher consciousness dimension, opening spaces for a deep dive into the inner world and creativity.

Mitsch plays intuitive concerts alone or together with other musicians, accompany people into deep states of selfawareness and selfhealing in his soundhealing workshops, and accompany other healers in different disciplines worldwide. As a composer he writes music for films, orchestra and his own unique music for piano. He won several music-composition prizes in Germany, USA and UK. Live he plays with international artists like: Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg, Mirabai Ceiba, Réka Fodor, Sascha Alexander Vaymer and many others

music downloads:


Réka Fodor

Her strong foundation in music was to get a deeper understanding of her people’s roots in Transylvanian folklore and traditional music. To further her musical knowledge and impulse she moved to Madrid where with some of her colleagues found the Flamenco’s true temperament and techniques, in dance percussion and singing.

Through her musical explorations she was able to perfect her skills with numerous percussion instruments such as the djarbuka, bongos, cajon, udu „gardony”… etc.

Currently she seeks to work with musicians whom she can transmit these kinds of priceless flows of positive energies that happens usually on stage with instance and freedom of improvisation keeping the magic of the moment.

A very colorful aspect of her performances consists of the fact that she combines percussion and singing with elements of dance.

Àkos Várnai

From early age I was drawn to music and to the energy it created in me.

When 7 years ago I awakened to spirituality it quickly became the center of my life, completely transforming it, and the way I think about music as well. It also opened up my creativity in ways I’ve never imagined. As a musician, new ways and a much deeper understanding opened up.

I play not just on koncerts, but on retreats, ceremonies and healing circles, where the healing and transforming quality of music is the most important. I learned over the years, that Im able to channel this energy through my music.

I play on different kinds of percussion instruments, as well as handpan, tongue drum and occasionally piano.

I played in musical formations of many different genres (Sirius World Music, Kirtan Band, Julia Chants, Spirit Dance). Im really motivated by my two current projekts; 



I write songs and work as a producer as well, but my real home is the stage where we the musicians and you, the audience create that special space together.





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