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BELGIUM: ecstatic inner universe EXTENDED WEEKEND retreat 16.-19.11.2023


*** just allow the magic to happen ***

DANCE like you never danced  —  open your voice fully and SING like you never sang  —  EXPLORE your feelings, hidden emotions and patterns on a level you probably never met them before…. and let the medicine music guide you to meet and FLY with your soul.


All happens in a save and loving space… no forces, no „group-animation“, no „to do’s“

you just explore and meet all you are… fully… in your own rhythm… in your own responsibility… and bathed in sound you will (probably) express all you are …

This is a place where you can leave your comfort zone and heal your wounds, your relationship to life, to people, to freedom, to whatever needs your healing attention… that noone else can heal but YOURSELF.

Enjoy your power, strength, courage, greatness, beauty, love… and the indescribable joy to meet your soul.

Take off the masks..

and leave the prison of fear and believes and enjoy the freedom to be fully


Too much promise? It’s on you! You are so much more.
Welcome home. Life is amazing.

„This weekend is for you if you:
– are willing to get out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown
– want to practice presence in every moment, even when there is discomfort
– are ready to dive deep into your own inner world and discover your true self
– want to learn about real co-creation, responsibility, and self-leadership“ quote by Leni Cellini, participant 2022



basic schedule:

THURSDAY from 15:00 arrival & welcome (come whenever it feels right for you, have a tea/soup/light dinner) , 19:00 start with medicine music concert / eveningworkshop (open for guests as well)
FRIDAY/ SATURDAY / SUNDAY – deep transformational workshop – starts at 10:00 on friday, all day open structure depending on group dynamics and needs, end is approx. Sunday 17:00


Drogenhof, close to Leuven, Belgium

Info & registration for the retreat:

This retreat is limited to 20 participants, please register in time with Annemie at:

Fee: 340€ | 310 € early bird until 30.03.23 | reduction possible on request
+ accomodation & food (see below)
(Thursday concert included. If you can’t be there from the beginning, you can join later, just let me know in advance)

intuitive medicine music evening on Thursday only:  32€ presale / 38 € at the door (Thursday 19:00 -22:00)
registration: email to Annemie:

info here   | or  online-Ticket here

Food & Accommodation:
160.- including 3 nights accomodation & organic vegan/vegetarian food. (addtional night before or after: 35€/night)

There is a self-catering kitchen available for us. A basic variety of organic fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, drinks, chocolate 😉  etc. is provided (more information after registration). Additionally for common gourmet buffets, each participant can bring something special/unique vegan/vegetarian…. baked, cooked, fresh, homemade… whatever you feel you’d like to share with the group.

Accomodation is possible in double/triple rooms, (single room is availabe for +75€ total), all beautifully created in a unique design by Annemie Maes.


In this intensive Self-Exploring-Weekend you will embark on an intensive journey of self-awareness …

Together we will dive into direct encounter with ourselves… our shadow as well as our light, our mindbuilt concepts, expectations, projections as well as our ability to grow into our highest potentials. Everything unfolds in an organically growing process, beyond schedules, beyond concepts & expectations… into a fully new experience.

The process is about self-responsibility, community, encounter, getting to know yourself on hitherto unexplored levels, building trust, holding and being held, and healing old patterns that no longer serve us … a journey from thinking who we are to the discovery of who we really are.

Following your inner impulses you will get more and more in touch with yourself… and the group. You’ll perceive yourself, your body and your feelings intensively. In various interactions you get to know your self-imposed limits and blocking patterns, let your body speak to you in free movements and listen to it, get to know your voice anew, free it from old fears and beliefs, and make it sound in facets you never thought possible. We’ll dive deep into the subconscious to create a save space where you can clarify what needs to be clarified for you. There is no one but yourself who can do this for you.

I am there for you, and go wherever you go, and meet with you everything that you are ready to allow to show up.



You can not consume this. If you bring yourself fully, you´ll meet yourself fully… with all that is there…. no compromises any more.

Away from „thinking and wanting to understand“, you can set a new course for your life, say goodbye to old stubborn patterns forever, lead your potentials into realization and attain new visions for your being.

What does it take? Your unconditional devotion to yourself and what you encounter in yourself. Everything is already in you.

There is nothing to achieve, no wanting, no „doing right“, … just perceiving… and out of this perceiving doing nothing it happens: life dances through you, sings through you, laughs and cries through you… freely … without evaluation, without effort, without fear … it just happens… surrender, freedom, gratitude, love.

You open the space for a deeper understanding of your being and your path so far, and carried by the sounds you dive into your subconscious, experience yourself anew, connected with you, your power and inner peace.

„I was allowed to receive an indescribably deep healing and unprecedented peace through your healing sounds, which certainly do not come from this world“. Vreni S.

„…Your music brought me back to myself, to my heart, to my light. I see myself again, I feel myself again, I feel my whole being and perceive that my being has been lifted.“ Jana-Rosa G.

You can read more feedback from other participants here:

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– —

yourself fully !!!!



The intuitive music of the pianist and sound mystic Mitsch Kohn always arises in the moment of playing and is able to touch deep in the heart. Passing the frequencies of the mind, the music leads the listener directly on an inner journey into the depths of the subconscious, opening the gates to „remember“.

His work ranges from sound healing concerts & retreats and accompaniment of inner process work to composing and producing film music. He releases heart-opening intuitive music on his label and plays intuitive concerts as a musician with international artists like Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg, Maok, Peia, Lex van Someren, Kinan Azmeh, Mirabai Ceiba, Cataleya Fay a.m.o. as well as at seminars of Chuck Spezzano, Damien Wynne, Andreas Goldemann, Sabine Wolf, Barbara Bessen and many more.


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