Truth of Now in BERLIN

12.12.2022 | Berlin
with Mitsch Kohn & Netanel Goldberg

After almost three years finally reunited in our powers we’re more than happy to announce our next tour with a stop in Berlin as well. TRUTH of NOW is a nurishing space to recharge your batteries, listen to your soul, sing from your heart, dance with your truth, nourish your body and celebrate life deeply connected with yourself.

Dharma Mati – Buddhistisches Zentrum Berlin
Soorstr. 4, 14050 Berlin
Veranstalterin: Clara Welten,
Welten-Institut für Tiefenpsychologie & Spiritualität (WITS) Berlin

12.12.22 | 19:00-22:-00 | Truth of Now Ceremony
pricing: 30-50 € , tickets via email:
you can also book the tickets online VVK tickets here

TRUTH of NOW is created to open the heart widely, being nurished by your unique true expression and individual soulessence. You share, express, bring yourself fully in this save environment. You hold space and you’re being held.

Liberate your voice, heart, emotions and movement
– heal & empower yourself –

Sing our self back home, let life dance freely through you,
live our natural power,
 connect deeply with all that we are

… breathe …
… be alive …
welcome home

About us:

leader of ceremonial sacred spaces through singing, prayer and live music.
leading singing ceremonies around the world
facilitating death and rebirth rituals
Musician, composer, writer and improviser.
married to Anva, lives and move through Israel and the world

Mitsch Kohn

Heartmusician, composer and soundmyst, student and teacher. Intuitive medicine music based on piano, voice, drums and sounds flows naturally and opens the hearts and divine connection. I accompany people through the process of meeting their truth, patterns, believes and finding their hidden potentials and true expression of the moment

...once I found a star in my pocket....