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Leuven: intuitive medicine music evening – 05.09.2022


*** just allow the magic to happen ***

and let your soul FLY while bathing in

intuitive medicine music


Recharge your batteries…. nourish your whole being… enjoy your power, strength, courage, greatness, beauty, love… and the indescribable joy to meet your soul.

Welcome home. Life is amazing.


05.09.2022  |  19:00 – 22:00 

Venue: Belgium, Livinglei, Lei 15, 3000 Leuven 

TICKETS: reservation via Annemie: 

This inutive medicine music evening is not only a concert but also a space for a deep self-experience and healing. The music emerges from the moment and is an invitation to really get involved in this moment… to get out of consuming, out of thought loops and evaluations, … and let yourself go with what is happening right now in this moment, what shows itself, what wants to be expressed. Only what you want to experience is going to happen…. whether you are dancing, singing, crying, dreaming, cuddling with your loved one, travelling in other universes or just lying there quietly and listening. There is no programme, nothing you have to follow, no request to do or not to do anything. It is your space. You are invited to give expression to the developing dynamics, to be yourself, and to go on a journey of discovery, to dive deep into the music and to experience yourself in a lightness, vitality and joy that has perhaps covered for a long time.

I am there for you, to support your journey, and I go wherever you go.

„I was allowed to receive an indescribably deep healing and unprecedented peace through your healing sounds, which certainly do not come from this world“. Vreni S.

„…Your music brought me back to myself, to my heart, to my light. I see myself again, I feel myself again, I feel my whole being and perceive that my being has been lifted.“ Jana-Rosa G.

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If possible, please bring your own mat / blanket / seat cushion according to your needs, so that you are well taken care of.



The intuitive music of the pianist and sound mystic Mitsch Kohn always arises in the moment of playing and is able to touch deep in the heart. Passing the frequencies of the mind, the music leads the listener directly on an inner journey into the depths of the subconscious, opening the gates to „remember“.

His work ranges from sound healing concerts & retreats and accompaniment of inner process work to composing and producing film music. He releases heart-opening intuitive music on his label and plays intuitive concerts as a musician with international artists like Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg, Maok, Peia, Lex van Someren, Kinan Azmeh, Mirabai Ceiba, Cataleya Fay a.m.o. as well as at seminars of Chuck Spezzano, Damien Wynne, Andreas Goldemann, Sabine Wolf, Barbara Bessen and many more.


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